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June 30, 2014     Twitter buys ad-tech startup Tap Commerce for $100M

June 30, 2014     Twitter Is Opening A Huge New Revenue Stream

June 30, 2014     Perion Buys Grow Mobile For Up To $42M To Build Out Its Marketing Business

July 01, 2014     With FbStart, Facebook Hands Out Goodies to Mobile App Makers

July 01, 2014     Faceboon Touts 1 Billion App Links Served, Adds Support For Mobile App Ads

July 01, 2014     Mobile advertising to overtake print

July 01, 2014     Majority to Access Web via Mobile Phone in Canada


How To Hit A Moving Target!


As smart phones take over the wireless landscape, advertisers are gearing up to use more mobile data to compete in the rapidly changing market place of mobile advertising.


Knowing the power of mobile data in any specific niche, helps businesses understand the power of budgeting in mobile advertising. Statistics have proven that the majority of people access the internet via a hand held mobile device. Having accurate mobile data makes way for detailed analytics, which helps businesses to more accurately target any customer type. When a business, partners mobile data with mobile marketing, it increases brand exposure, and increases sales. Mobile data will be a massive contributing factor to business growth in 2015, if the correct marketing strategies are used.

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Quick Statistics Concerning Mobile Advertising:

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  • In the United States alone there are 271 million mobile subscribers. Of those, almost 50 percent have a smart phone.
  • Almost 100 percent of mobile users keep their device within arm’s length.
  • Almost 90 percent of mobile phone searches lead to action. Over 50 percent result in sales.
  • Nearly 70 percent of mobile searches result in action in less than one hour.
  • Almost 75 percent of all smart phone users use local check in.
  • 25 percent of Americans use their smart phones as their only way to access the internet.
  • Nearly three quarters of mobile users have reported using their smart phones to research a product or service as they were shopping.
  • 95 percent of smart phone users have used their device to look up information on goods and services and of those more than half called, and the same amount visited an actual location.
  • Data usage on mobile devices is increasing exponentially each year, especially among younger users. Over 60 percent of Americans, aged 19 to 34 own smart phones.
  • Coupon redemptions from mobile ads are ten times higher than those of print ads.

As you can see, the potential for mobile advertising is incredible.  Of course there are as many approaches to mobile advertising as there are users, so which one will work best for your company. Bereano Partners can help your company enter the exciting world of mobile advertising and develop a strategy that fits your specific company. Many companies spend good money after bad on campaigns that are ineffective, because they are devoting too much of their budget to one or two particular forums.

Facebook for instance, gets more views than all of the other social media sites put together, but that doesn’t mean that Facebook is the right place to advertise your company’s goods and services. Ads placed on the Weather Channel for example, get a huge click through rate over other sites on ads displayed there. For some companies, coupons work great, for others – apps are the way to go.

Let the pros at Bereano Partners help you come up with a mobile advertising strategy that makes sense for your company financially. Nearly half of all marketers are already doing mobile advertising, with another 25 percent about to start doing it. A small percentage of companies have no plans of doing mobile advertising and feel that it is a waste of money and won’t help their particular company. The statistics however, don’t lie – mobile usage is growing exponentially and those companies that don’t take advantage of that will probably be left behind.

The goals of a mobile advertising game plan are simple:

  • Reach People when they are Ready to Buy
  • Attract New Customers
  • Bring back repeat customers
  • Increase online sales
  • Drive customers to your business for offline sales
  • Create a perception of your brand

The most effective types of mobile advertising make it very easy for visitors to quickly access the information they need.