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Why Social Advertising Is On The Rise!

U.S. Social Advertising Spend Expected To Increase To 11 Billion By 2017 [Statistics]


With the uproar of social media usage, social advertising has become an invaluable asset to any business due to social data increases


According to a study, 73% of US adults use social networks. Using Social Marketing through Social media outlets has become more and more popular by the year, and is an increasingly powerful approach to improve business profits. If business owners are not using social advertising based off of social data research they are missing the boat.

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Based on statistics, social advertising gives you a staggering business advantage. Simply put, social advertising provides a way for businesses to be in contact with potential customers, get them engaged, and cause them to make a real time buying decision. Bereano Partners helps your company transition into the world of social advertising and the benefits that it offers

Implementation of the most powerful and effective social advertising strategies are very important. Bereano Partners gives you the tools and technique your business needs for optimal business development and growth. All too often, we see businesses wasting advertising dollars on ineffective campaigns.

In today’s world, social media is the reason a lot of people are using the internet, and social marketing is the way to target them. Companies that are not using social advertising are missing out on a huge share of potential clients. The ultimate goal at Bereano Partners is to provide business owners with the most effective avenues to grow their business for a maximum return on investment using social marketing strategies.

Bereano Partners helps businesses come up with the best strategies to improve the bottom line. According to TrackMaven’s Competitive Intelligence Blog, 64% of advertisers increased their social media advertising budget in 2013, and social advertising revenues are projected to double from 2012 to 2014. Undoubtedly, Social advertising is a proven winner, and will continue to grow as technology develops. Social Marketing is a wave that will continue into the future.

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