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After 30 years of calling upon his vast experience and education in marketing, entrepreneurship and business development, Josh Bereano founded Bereano Partners, a Seattle-based digital transformation consulting firm.

Consistent with a dedication to marketing that begin in college, Josh — along with his girlfriend — started a direct marketing company while still an undergrad. He graduated from San Diego State with a degree in marketing. And, although he worked for several employers in his early career, he has spent the last twenty years as a serial entrepreneur; often times out in front of the evolution of digital marketing from the early days of the internet.

Josh was involved in many successful internet-based startups in those early days and the two decades that followed. Back then, website marketers would use tactics such as keyword stuffing, excessive tagging, and backlinks to generate high search rankings. His experience and training have instilled in Josh a strong recognition that to be successful in digital marketing, companies must invest in high quality content which offers users an immediate contextual understanding with minimal effort on their part. Josh now seeks to take those successes and experience and apply them to the field of digital transformation, which he feels is a largely untapped market.

Josh believes that companies that do not have a solid digital marketing transformation plan in place are doomed to suffer the fate of far too many “internet startups” that crashed spectacularly in the early 2000’s. As Josh recently noted at a meeting of high-tech insiders, companies are going to disappear in the next five years if they fail to develop and institute a solid digital transformation plan. His novel and unique process, honed over years of training and experience, involves — among other aspects — a strong and aggressive presence on a platform such as Twitter. Josh is frequently ranked as a top-50 Influencer with over 11k Twitter followers who look to him for insights on topics such as digital transformation, internet of things, multi-cloud, and blockchain technology.

Josh is a Seattle native (yes, they exist) who grew up in the Mount Baker neighborhood though he now resides in Bellevue. Josh surmises that the weather in Seattle is the city’s secret weapon as to why it has become such a mecca for startups, particularly in tech. “I feel blessed to be raised in a city with so many great companies, and I understand the Seattle lifestyle and community. People are open-minded here, and they like to enjoy life and eat well. We take advantage of the sun when it’s out, but the fact that the weather is poor a lot of the year makes it easier to buckle down and get work done.”

When he is not researching the latest developments in all things digital transformation, Josh spends times with his two boys, 12 and 15, who attend the Bellevue school district. While he played basketball in college, he mostly hits the gym these days; you know, since it rains a lot in Seattle. Follow him on LinkedIn –