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cold click art hoffman

Art Hoffman

CEO | Founder

Revolutionizing how companies and individuals find, connect, and engage with new potential clients on LinkedIn using our trademarked Cold-Click® process.


Wes Lemos

Owner at Roll Digital

Jake Atwood

Jake Atwood

CEO/CRO of BuzzBuilder

Automate your prospecting and generate more leads.


Ayush Sindhwal


Enabling B2B Founders to land dream clients with the power of personal branding.

Supernova Jonny Barragan

Jonny (Big Papa Jon) Barragan

CEO | Founder

Supernova, A Web3 Consultancy

John Watson Mysterious

John Watson

CEO | Founder

I’m a Christian nerd and entrepreneurial dragon.

jaime ellithorpe

Jaime Ellithorpe

540 Strategies Founder

We Make Marketing Simple & Selling Easy


Todd Aaron

Managing Director, Numerus Capital

Zync Arjun Sundararajan

Arjun Sundararajan

Founder / CEO